Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little bit of and update and TWILIGHT!

Ok so life has been busy lately but finally calming down. Thursday swimming lessons ended until December first so I have a full week off and I am very excited I have a million things I would like to get done first one being cleaning and getting Christmas decor up I love this time of year and living with my mom is so fun cause she has the best house at Christmas we go all out. Kai is good he is still not walking but the doctor is not worried he just said he will do it on his own time (maybe he is a bit like his mom). JR is good work is not as busy as it was last year but that is nice cause we still see him so much, I am almost scared to see what December brings. Life really is good...Now to Twilight. I was bummed all week cause I didn't think I was going to be able to see it for a few weeks cause the movie theaters were all sold out. Then Lindsay called and said she had bought four tickets online for all of us... what a good friend. I liked it and loved Jacob wow he was cute I know he is young but I don't care I love him. I was a little disappointed that they did it "low budget" because really they could have done so much more. I do have to say I was laughing at a part and a girl behind me was crying oops...That is all I am going to say cause I want to know what other people thought that saw it as well...and here is a picture of us after. There were too many girls taking their pictures in front of the poster so we just took one next to it and called it good. Thanks Lindsay for the tickets and thanks Lindsay B. for the picture steal.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is all for you Brady...

So JR was worried you might feel left out so he asked me to dedicate a whole post to you, here it is...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How could I not counter this one..

So alot of you who look at my blog look at my sister Brooke's blog as well and for those of you who don't... you should :). So I log in today and as always check Brooke's blog first and to my surprise there are four sweet picture's of my son and a small "miss you" paragraph above them (that made me cry thanks Brooke). I guess all you parents out there will know what I am talking about when I say that, I as a mom, love it when someone else seems to love and adore my child as much as I do. My sister Brooke does this she has LOVED Kai since the day she met him and would have taken him with her to NY if I would have let her. I have never told her this but I always admired how she could love Kai so much and still love her son just as much times ten... I think it takes a special kind of person. You said so many nice things about Kai and I wish I could say those traits are because of me but they aren't. JR gets to take full credit for those but they are all true and I love that about him too. I remember the day of their blessings when we were taking pictures of them in the vibe chair and Kai just held Eli like he was protecting him and then all the picture's later of them where Kai just kinda looks like the "protector"...oh our little chancho. So thanks for the sweet "ode to Kai" I feel like an inadequate sister and auntie because I didn't think of it first. You know I love Eli and want to steal him and eat candy all day and snuggle (oh what a snuggle would feel like right now)....SO COME HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS PLEEAASE we will help pay! P.S. Tell Brady I will be thinking of good "ode" to him for later so to keep posted :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween was pretty fun this year we had the trunk or treat which I am not sure if I like or not then we went to Auntie Shelley's house aka The Jensen's and hung out way longer than we should have, because we had Shaun and Mauren's halloween party to get to and then by the time we got there Kai was spent so we didn't stay long. After we got home and got Kai in bed we asked maama aka Grandma D to listen for Kai and went bowling with Nick, Shantel, Brady, Jessica, Justin and their friends and family. It was pretty rockin and I will for sure have to post photos from that when I get them from Shantel but for now I just have this one that Mauren took at her Halloween party and the picture speaks for itself...(it's pretty sad when your dads costume out-shines your cute clown costume don't you think?)