Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moab Half Happy!

Ok so the half marathon is this weekend and I know that all of you would be expecting pictures and times and blah blah but there will be no news to tell except sad news. I will be ok but I am just a little sad right now I have been training since December and have had pain in my right knee when I ran but not bad enough that I had to stop running for longer than a few minutes then I could push through a few more miles and walk five minutes long story short I was running on Monday and something happened and couldn't even walk it out it hurt so bad. So we scheduled me to have an MRI and Tuesday and Wednesday and today my knee has felt fine but we still did the MRI and I just got the results... I have a stress fracture and "severe edema" (tissue swelling) inside the knee. I can't run for four months and have to start a physical therapy program next week but the good news is I haven't damaged it enough to never run again so my plan is to run this same half marathon next March. Hope everyone is doing better than I am, I am sure the hardest day will be the day of the race then I will get over it, but for now I will wallow in my own self pitty!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a quick update

So we have been busy but I feel like I have nothing to say so I decided to think of at least ten things so here they are...

10. Because of the great weather we have been walking to the park alot lately and Kai is no longer deathly afraid of the slide in fact it is quite opposite he goes down on his stomache and it scares me to death.
9. I am the newest young women "athletic director" (coach) in my ward yipee! (one problem softball starts next and I can't play)
8. JR's basketball games started so we have been busy with those (I just wish the games started earlier so Kai could go to them) oh well it still has been fun especially for JR.
7. I quit my job I started in December and yes this is a good thing.
6. We have been lucky to hang out with JR during the week because they keep calling him off so good we get to see him bad we don't have any money when he doesn't work.
5. I learned how to make the best pizza in the world and it is easy.
4. Training is still coming along for the marathon and it is only two weekends away (thanks Tiff for running with me :))
3. I am applying for hair school this month still haven't decided between Paul Mitchell and Evans but I have wanted to do this for a long time so why not now. (any advice on the schools please tell me).
2. We got passes to Seven Peaks for $41.00 each, so now we have something to do that is already paid for, by they way passes are $49.95 until the end of March if anyone wants to come play with me all summer!!
1. JR, Jess, Kai and I went to the Draper Temple open house and then had lunch at the pink shop with my mom after (she wasn't able to come with us cause of work). The Temple was beautiful I love where they built it.

Well as usual I have no updated photos to post, Kai is growing up and learning alot he is 18 months old now and loving nursery. I will try to get some good photos of him for my next post.