Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day and Grandma Jackie's grave.

Grandma Jackie's grave is in the Mt. Pleasant cemetary so on Memorial Day we drove down and it was beautiful they place flags all over the cemetary and there are flowers everywhere. Kai was so cute too and it was good for JR to see that. Kai leaned over and talked to her and kissed her without being told to I thought that was amazing but it just reminded me that children are so much closer to the spirit world than we realize it was a touching experience and for JR it was exactly what he needed.

4 Wheel'n at five mile...

Ok so I kind of did the pictures in the wrong order cause this is Kai so tired after a long day 4 wheeling and playing in the dirt. JR's cousins invited us to go 4 wheeling on Saturday and we had alot of fun even if there were a million other people there that day too. P.S. we are big nerds in the pics ;)

JR's Birthday

It was JR's birthday last Thursday and his cousins and their wife's/girlfriend and JR's friend Wes came to dinner with us at Tucanos. The next day we had cake at the house with my mom and Jess since they weren't able to come to dinner. Happy Birthday JR I love you hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A day at the Park.

So the weather has slowly been getting nicer and nicer the last couple weeks and Kai is thrilled. I too am happy about it because no more tv he loves movies and asks for them all day long but as soon as I suggest to go outside his mind is off the movie and out the door. We went to provo last Monday to visit Linley and Kylie Mills, Linley had back surgery and can't even pick Kylie up to put her in the car to go anywhere. That would be so hard... and it was a great excuse to go kidnap them and play at the park. So we did and the two little stinks loved it Kylie would slide and slide all day if you let her and she was too cute running around jibber jabbering to me and Kai he could slide all day too but he doesn't like the "normal" way he goes on his tummy every time. They had fun on the swings but I know would have been happier running around I just got tired of lifting them onto the slides and lifting them onto the slides and lifting them (you get it). It is always good to catch up with Linley she is such an easy person to be around love ya girl! I think this week we will go finger paint with pudding at their house (outside of course) but I think Kai would love that.