Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a week!

Kai kissing himself in the mirror soo cute!
Well I was debating on posting about this because I don't want to make anyone worry but I guess since this will probably be the best journal that I will keep for my family I will post it. Tuesday morning around 5am little Kai had a seizure caused by a fever, he woke up screaming and the way he sounded I knew instantly something was wrong, when I got to his room his body jerked in his crib and I thought I had startled him but then he kept jerking... I knew it was a seizure so I grabbed him and held him as he continued jerking (it was awful). We are so lucky we live with my mom who is a nurse, I was able to run to her room and ask her what to do. She told us to go to the ER, as we were driving there the seizure stopped, it had lasted almost 6 minutes. In the ER they took his vitals said everything looks good and told us to keep his fever as low as we could and to follow up with our pediatrician (apparently this kind of seizure is very common). At the pediatrician office he said about the same but because of JR's family history of seizure disorder, if Kai had another seizure he would order a full work up. Now for those of you who don't know JR's mom died from a seizure she had in her sleep, December 06. She had seizure disorder pretty bad her whole life, so we have always had the fear of seizure's in the back of our minds. Now even though Kai's seizure was caused by a fever you can imagine what we were both hoping wouldn't happen. All day Tuesday we could not get his fever to break and he was not feeling good at all. We kept giving him motrin and bathed him, hardly dressed him, and the air conditioning was on full. He had a blessing that night and we all were just hoping he would sleep good. Well Wednesday morning comes and this time we are waken by the same scream around 6am. JR ran and got him this one lasted only 2 minutes but afterward he was vomiting violently and that lasted another three minutes. I was a mess, we took him to the ER again but this time they did the full work up, blood tests, CT scan, urine samples and everything came back normal, what a relief. So this morning came and no seizure just a happy boy he still isn't 100% and got another fever this afternoon but nothing like the past few days. Like I said earlier it is very common the stats say 1 in every 7 children before the age 6 will have a febrial seizure ("fever seizure") and that unless he has one agian in say the next few months they won't treat him any different even with the family history. So thank you to my family, neighbors, and my great friends it is so comforting to know that so many people care. The prayers that were said in Kai's behalf were much appreciated. We love this kid!