Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday JR!

Today is a special day for our daddy for two reasons it is his big 26th birthday and it has been 9 months today since Kai was born. JR was so excited when he found out that Kai would share the 21st with him. We love J you are a great dad and husband and we are super lucky to have you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding, Mothers Day, and Kai and his BOOK...

Ok this weekend was a pretty busy one, so this will be one of the longest posts I have done in awhile. Saturday JR's cousin got married the wedding was beautiful and JR looked HOT (so did the bride)! It is not that often you get to see your husband in a tux so that was fun for me. They got married at a place in Salt Lake called Millenial Falls, we had sushi, chicken, chocolate covered strawberries and danced the night away (ok JR and I really didn't dance the night away but all the funny drunk people did)! Then Sunday was Mothers Day, I bought myself a dress the one I wore to the wedding and a new cute hat in the picture with me and Kai. Kai bought me a Willow Tree statue and JR gave me some perfume and a cute card. It was weird to have my first mothers day but it was a good one thanks J. Then just as entertainment I have to tell you about "the book". Friday morning I left Kai on the bed like I always do to play toys while I got ready, well I hear him talking to himself but he sounds ticked off he wasn't crying but he was "cursin". I walk into the room and he has a book his Auntie Erin had bought him torn up and the barn window around his leg! It was pretty Enjoy (and sorry it's so long)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just an Update

So it has been awhile since my last post but nothing cool has really happened. Kai had his first ear infection 2 Sundays ago and then this Monday he had his first fall...lovely huh?! He was sitting on the couch (I know what you are all thinking) and Brooke brought Eli in the room and sat him on the floor and as soon as she sat him down I thought Kai is going to reach for him. So I looked over my shoulder and right as I did he was head over feet and getting ready to fall right off. I yelled and as I yelled he went right off and Brooke and I both jumped for him but we weren't fast enough. Man talk about being worried all day I didn't want him to go to sleep I felt so bad. I learned my lesson though he won't be sitting on the couch anymore, poor guy! Other than those two things he is growing well and he is healthy. I have just started teaching swimming lessons at The Legacy Center in Lehi. I teach from 4-6 pm right now and then in the summer it is a 10-1 pm schedule, and the best part about it, is that I get FREE daycare because I am an employee. I like teaching and I am glad I have this skill to fall back on especially since it doesn't require me to be away from Kai for very long but I can still help out a little. Well that is about it I am pretty boring otherwise JR is just working hard and has been busy this last week with his cousins helping get ready for one of them to get married so maybe I will post pics this weekend from the wedding. Sorry no pics this post just don't have any to share right now.