Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Could it be...a real post?!!

Blogger here I am don't get too excited I may disappoint but I feel now more than I have for awhile that I should update if only for my sis Brookie so here we go....It has been a year so even though Brooke knows this I must fill in any on-lookers.
We bought a house, moved in July 3, 2010 and are so happy to finally be in our own place, (and I am sure my mom is too). Does anyone else have a problem with decorating?
I have all these ideas no money and to be quite frank no balls to make a decision so after almost one year here I am still, with only 5 things hung on my walls.
My yard is more than half in and we are getting cement this month. We will have a patio and more parking now.
Still need a fence, plants and some sort of landscape idea but we have grass and a sprinkler system!
Again need to decorate don't know if it will ever happen.
I am Pregnant! how about that! I have 7 weeks left and only 5 more doctors appointments. Which means the longest part of the pregnancy is just starting!!!
It's a BOY and he is healthy, so am I. The only way things could be better is if I could speed up time.
I still work at the pool I manage, am in charge of the swim lesson program, and teach private lessons. My plan is to keep this job even after I have the baby. Kai thinks I am the coolest mom cause I work at pool and it's great benefit to him he can swim whenever I feel like taking him.
JR is still at UPS and work is good. He just got a wisdom tooth pulled and now has a golf ball sized cheek and he says people stare at him while he is at work. I just told him tell them he was born with it.
Kai has 3 more days of preschool left this year, bittersweet how much he is growing up but I love his personality as he gets older he becomes more of a ham. I am afraid we have a class clown on our hands!!
I have learned to read too this year!!!! Go me. No kidding I knew how to read just didn't love it. So alot of people wouldn't know this about me it isn't something I just brag about but I would have my sister Erin read a book and tell me about it and I would write my book reports that way. Seriously never read a book in full in Highschool.
Thanks to my sisters and mom I have been reading books more than I ever have and actually really like it.
*** they are shallow, easy reads, but I am reading. The goal is deeper books as I progress but I am good now with the genre we are in.
We are happy, healthy and I feel like I can start blogging again even if it's boring to some I can keep a better journal than I have been....til next blog :)