Thursday, August 21, 2008

Somebody turned 1!!

WARNING LONG POST: Wow my little man is 1 how exciting! We had such a busy weekend Thursday the 21 was Kai's birthday, the 22 was mine and that same day our daddy got baptized!! It was the best birthday present ever, JR was very happy to finally get baptized and confirmed the missionaries did a great job and the meeting was very special. Then Saturday the 23 we celebrated Kai's big 1, we had a slip n slide, food, and snow cones it was fun to have everyone come and was a good "relaxer" for the crazy weekend. Kai is still crawling around and the therapist is teaching us how to help him stand up on his own. He loves books, and music and bobs his head like Stevie Wonder when he hears a song he likes, it is way funny. He has four teeth now, two of them are his upper fangs.. I have got to get a picture for everyone to see cause soon the two in the middle are going to be poppin through, I wish it were Halloween and he could be "Edward":)... Enjoy the pics I do have and the videos are mostly for Auntie Brooke who has not seen Kai crawl yet and didn't get to slip n slide, it might bore everyone else though so don't feel bad skipping it, and thanks for still checking me out even though I suck at updating this.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More San Diego Pics...

Ok so I should have put these with the post below but forgot so here you go hope the swim suit doesn't offend anyone just ignore the "rolls", and I have to tell you, the picture where Kai is laughing at me in, well right before the laugh he was pulling at my face and then pushing me away, the little stink didn't want to be held to take his picture.. p.s. be sure to look at the post right before this it has more pictures ;)

It's never too late...

Ok so I realize I really need help keeping up on my blog, but it is better late than never to update so here you go... We went to San Diego for vacation and loved it I want to live there. We went to the Zoo, Seaworld, and the Wild Animal Park, oh and the BEACH (my favorite). I could bore you with all the details, but I won't... just take a look at some of the pictures, I wish we had more but Kai broke our camera while we were there so we got what we could. Kai is finally crawling and he will turn 1 this month. Brooke and Brady moved this weekend and it was very sad I guess I didn't really think it was going to come that fast. Today when I got home from work Kai was so excited to walk in the house he was just smiling as we were walking in and when the house was empty he looked confused, you see Brooke would always have a big hug and smile for him and he didn't have his loving audience today. I am really going to miss my Eli too he is the only one that will give me loves whenever I needed them and I love that about him. The only perk is we have an excuse to go to New York now. Alrighty then, I hope everyone is doing well and I will try and keep up on my posts!