Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 year pictures

So Kai will be two this month and I am such a bad mom and have not has his pictures taken since he was 4 weeks old. I have a lot of pictures of him though just none of them are professional so I decided it was time with the help and push of my good friend Corianne who took them. She was awesome and has the coolest props, gave him candy, and was really fun with him the whole time not to mention the awesome photos she got she is very good thanks Corianne I love them and can't wait to get the prints! Here are a few I stole from her photography blog cause I don't have the disc yet. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swimming in Saratoga and CUPCAKES!

So the last two weeks I have been teaching swimming at a pool in Saratoga and yesterday was the last day of this session. For the kids I had cupcakes made at dippidee's they were so cute (and no I didn't get a picture of them) my camera battery was dead but one of the moms took a picture of Kai eating his and from the picture you can tell they were really good!! They were bright blue and had fondet orange and pink fish on the top of them. Anyways I had a lot of fun teaching for this neighborhood and can't wait to do the next session in July. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

Friday, June 5, 2009


So most of you know that I work at the pool teaching swim lessons I love my job and this is one of the reasons why...Yesterday morning I was teaching two sisters who are also in my ward and the older sister was driving me nuts to make it shorter than it was she was just not listening like a good girl should ;) so..I said to her "oh Autumn what would we do without all you children in this world" and she said "the whole human race would be extinguished!!" I just started laughing and couldn't be irritated with her anymore. So all I have to say to that is what would we do without kids really!?? So thank you to all the children that keep the human race from being EXTINGUISHED!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day and Grandma Jackie's grave.

Grandma Jackie's grave is in the Mt. Pleasant cemetary so on Memorial Day we drove down and it was beautiful they place flags all over the cemetary and there are flowers everywhere. Kai was so cute too and it was good for JR to see that. Kai leaned over and talked to her and kissed her without being told to I thought that was amazing but it just reminded me that children are so much closer to the spirit world than we realize it was a touching experience and for JR it was exactly what he needed.

4 Wheel'n at five mile...

Ok so I kind of did the pictures in the wrong order cause this is Kai so tired after a long day 4 wheeling and playing in the dirt. JR's cousins invited us to go 4 wheeling on Saturday and we had alot of fun even if there were a million other people there that day too. P.S. we are big nerds in the pics ;)

JR's Birthday

It was JR's birthday last Thursday and his cousins and their wife's/girlfriend and JR's friend Wes came to dinner with us at Tucanos. The next day we had cake at the house with my mom and Jess since they weren't able to come to dinner. Happy Birthday JR I love you hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A day at the Park.

So the weather has slowly been getting nicer and nicer the last couple weeks and Kai is thrilled. I too am happy about it because no more tv he loves movies and asks for them all day long but as soon as I suggest to go outside his mind is off the movie and out the door. We went to provo last Monday to visit Linley and Kylie Mills, Linley had back surgery and can't even pick Kylie up to put her in the car to go anywhere. That would be so hard... and it was a great excuse to go kidnap them and play at the park. So we did and the two little stinks loved it Kylie would slide and slide all day if you let her and she was too cute running around jibber jabbering to me and Kai he could slide all day too but he doesn't like the "normal" way he goes on his tummy every time. They had fun on the swings but I know would have been happier running around I just got tired of lifting them onto the slides and lifting them onto the slides and lifting them (you get it). It is always good to catch up with Linley she is such an easy person to be around love ya girl! I think this week we will go finger paint with pudding at their house (outside of course) but I think Kai would love that.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Moab, Montana and Easter!

So it's never too late to post some cute pictures and give a long update. As you all know I was not able to run the half marathon but Brooke did so we still got to go to Moab for the weekend and we had so much fun. Kai and Eli are really fun to watch Kai doesn't have a ton of child interaction so he was showing off and I think might have been a little much for Eli at times but Eli was a good sport. We had a lot of fun with Brooke and Brady in town and the weather in Moab could not have been better I am with Brooke when she said she misses it, I love it there. Montana trip was just two weeks later, we started our drive in between Saturday conference session and managed to listen to the full afternoon session before we totally lost radio signal. My moms brother lives in Philipsburg, MT. It is a beautiful place to visit and live. Honestly if I could convince JR to become a rancher I would move there. The scenery is beautiful, life seems simple, although I know that is not the case all the time, it is hard work but man the surroundings are well worth it I think. We went snowmobiling on their property so not a sole in sight, we hung out at the house with all the animals Kai took particular interest in their indoor cat and now all he can say when he sees an animal is "kitty". I think he really missed that cat cause the first morning home I went to get him out of bed and he looked past me and kept say "kitty, kitty". My uncle Clark and his wife Nancy have two kids that we LOVE and were so good with Kai. Brian is almost 6 and Rachel turned 4 while we were there so we got to celebrate with her. We also went to a hot springs pool with all of them the last night we were there even my uncle made time to come and that I know was a sacrifice for him and Nancy's sister that helps out at the ranch so thank you for that it was nice to have Clark there. I miss P-town more than Moab it was one of the best vacations I have had in a long time. Now to Easter I don't have much to say about it Kai had fun eating candy and opening eggs, we went to JR's Aunts house for dinner and had the best bbq chicken I have had in a long time, then after some of the family had a foam gun war that I stayed away from (his family is sooooo competitive) I would just rather cheer them on, although I know some of them probably think I am lame for not wanting to take part. Anyways sorry such a long post just wanted to get everything I remember down, which reminds me when we try to get Kai to say I love you he says bokey whatever that is but he says it every night when we tell him to tell Grandma he loves her and goodnight he just says bokey it really is cute I just don't want to forget it. Hope everyone's lifes are going well love ya all.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moab Half Happy!

Ok so the half marathon is this weekend and I know that all of you would be expecting pictures and times and blah blah but there will be no news to tell except sad news. I will be ok but I am just a little sad right now I have been training since December and have had pain in my right knee when I ran but not bad enough that I had to stop running for longer than a few minutes then I could push through a few more miles and walk five minutes long story short I was running on Monday and something happened and couldn't even walk it out it hurt so bad. So we scheduled me to have an MRI and Tuesday and Wednesday and today my knee has felt fine but we still did the MRI and I just got the results... I have a stress fracture and "severe edema" (tissue swelling) inside the knee. I can't run for four months and have to start a physical therapy program next week but the good news is I haven't damaged it enough to never run again so my plan is to run this same half marathon next March. Hope everyone is doing better than I am, I am sure the hardest day will be the day of the race then I will get over it, but for now I will wallow in my own self pitty!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a quick update

So we have been busy but I feel like I have nothing to say so I decided to think of at least ten things so here they are...

10. Because of the great weather we have been walking to the park alot lately and Kai is no longer deathly afraid of the slide in fact it is quite opposite he goes down on his stomache and it scares me to death.
9. I am the newest young women "athletic director" (coach) in my ward yipee! (one problem softball starts next and I can't play)
8. JR's basketball games started so we have been busy with those (I just wish the games started earlier so Kai could go to them) oh well it still has been fun especially for JR.
7. I quit my job I started in December and yes this is a good thing.
6. We have been lucky to hang out with JR during the week because they keep calling him off so good we get to see him bad we don't have any money when he doesn't work.
5. I learned how to make the best pizza in the world and it is easy.
4. Training is still coming along for the marathon and it is only two weekends away (thanks Tiff for running with me :))
3. I am applying for hair school this month still haven't decided between Paul Mitchell and Evans but I have wanted to do this for a long time so why not now. (any advice on the schools please tell me).
2. We got passes to Seven Peaks for $41.00 each, so now we have something to do that is already paid for, by they way passes are $49.95 until the end of March if anyone wants to come play with me all summer!!
1. JR, Jess, Kai and I went to the Draper Temple open house and then had lunch at the pink shop with my mom after (she wasn't able to come with us cause of work). The Temple was beautiful I love where they built it.

Well as usual I have no updated photos to post, Kai is growing up and learning alot he is 18 months old now and loving nursery. I will try to get some good photos of him for my next post.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Weekend

Happy Valentines Day to all hope that everyone had a fun and got lots of love this last weekend. JR and I celebrated on Friday since we did not want to fight the dinner crowds on Saturday. It was very nice we went to Ruby River while auntie Erin and Mamaa (grandma dot) babysat. It was fun to just sit and talk we don't do that enough. I think it is so easy for us to just get involved in the everyday grind and we forget how important it is to have one another there. Then on Saturday I made bbq chicken pizza it was soo good. Erin came over again since her Valentine had to work that evening. I love my family, and to JR I feel so lucky to be your wife for anyone who does not know JR or hasn't had the opportunity to get to know him (since he is shy) you should know he is seriously one of the kindest most patient people I have ever known I am so serious I love him so much and am glad to have him so close. He is a great dad too and has all kinds of plans for Kai's future, hopefully the NBA lets boys go on missions lol. Love you all...oh and since I am bad and didn't take any pictures on Valentines Day I just found some I already had of JR and I they are pretty rockin huh!?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My sweet son!

Ok I know it has been awhile I have a hard time keeping up lately I just get busy but here is a quick update...JR and I are offically Valiant 11 teachers together, I have been teaching the class since last Feb and this week they called JR to team teach with me so now I don't have to always plan the lesson we can do it together. JR started playing basketball in a league in salt lake and they had their first game last night. He loves to play so I am glad he does even if we miss him when he is gone. We sarted planning our vacations for the year this week because UPS makes them have the weeks they want off already picked so now I am just excited for April when we go on our first vacation the plan at the moment is to go to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and Philipsburg Montanta to visit my Uncle and ride horses. I am excited to see Kai's reaction to the horses and cows. So that is about it in a nut shell I am still training away for the marathon and ran six miles last saturday in just under an hour I thought that was pretty good. Now to explain the pictures Ashley has been nice enough to watch Kai for me a few times when I was training in the office and the other day Kai and Ava were playing and Ashley told Ava to kiss him and well the pictures tell it all. Not the proudest moment for me as a parent do any of you have any advice for a "hitting child" cause it is getting out of control!?