Sunday, October 26, 2008

People at work and their "policies"

Since I can't go into any details in case some blog stalker checks my blog and it gets back to work all I am going to say is green booger policy's don't make sense if you are judging it on kids under two cause guess what they all have green booger, snotty noses, and this doesn't mean they are sick or contagious! After what happened at work this week I felt alot like it comes from left field you have no time to react..

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm just saying

So for some reason I have this thing in my head that I have to have some awesome photo, video, or vacation (as shown in a few posts down) to talk about in order to post. It is more fun to look at pics than read a full paragraph of someones views on politics, sports, reality tv, (my fav) or what happened to them at the park the other day, I mean seriously is life really that AWESOME!! Not mine! Now don't get me wrong I am very happy with life and my husband and little Kai but does anyone else out there struggle too? It sure doesn't seem like it, so this is the thought I had. All of you know I am a member of the LDS church and this past weekend we listened to general conference, I found it very inspiring, President Monson's talk on finding "joy in the journey" was specially inspiring for me. I just recently read a post on a blog I stalk that brought up the story of that cute couple in AZ that got in a plane crash and have severe burns all over their bodies. She linked the blog to her post and I was able to read all the compassionate things people were doing for their family while they are fighting for there lifes in the burn unit at a hospital in AZ. Her purpose for the post was to say life is hard but there are always others in more need and then simply said something like this, "and to all my friends who know me well, no I am not depressed I am just trying to find joy in the journey." How profound that statement is to me and ironic that just a few months later our Prophet said that same thing in his closing talk Sunday session. I figure I must need to hear this. So now I will try to not care as much and really the biggest thing I think I learned is to just be happy with your life where it is and everything else will work out. So to all of you who are already there I am happy for you and to all of you who are in the same grind as me lets find joy together... I need help! Love you all and hope nobody thinks I am crazy now I think this is as personal as I have got on my blog and of course I had to end with a rockin awesome picture...aren't they "special"