Wednesday, March 26, 2008

aVa and kAi again....

I had to share these photos because they are so cute. kAi always looks on guard around aVa because she crawl's circles around him. He is probably jealous she can move all around and he can't. The best one is where aVa is crying looking at kAi cause she wants his bink!! Hopefully when kAi learns to crawl he won't feel so "vulnerable" because right now he pretty much just lets her do whatever she wants to him, (she sat on his stomach the other day it was so funny). They are the cutest buddies we love hanging out with aVa KiM she is such a sweetie!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's about time for a new post...

So just a few things have happened since I last posted and here are some pics to prove it. Kai had to get a helmet he has a "slight slant" if you will on the back of his head and the last thing I want is for him to grow-up being called flathead or something so the doctor prescribed this really cool helmet it makes the cutest kids look like the coolest kids don't you think? Well maybe not so much but I still love him and I think it's cute, he on the other hand hates it!!! Please pray that we will get through this one. It has not even been one day and it's already driven me nuts! Kai is also TEETHING and with the helmet to boot he has not been himself. But good news he does have two teeth they just popped out of nowhere Sunday night, poor little guy (I'm sure glad we don't remember teething). But the thing I love about all kids is that they are so adaptable despite the negative things they go through. Kai makes me smile all the time, and he is learning so much right now! He sits alone now (still learning the balance thing or maybe he just gets lazy and falls down), he is finally rolling over but only to one side since he has this head and neck thing his motor skills are a little behind and are stronger on one side because of the neck muscle growth so I am sure this helmet will help him with that. I just love him though he is great it is so fun to see his face when JR gets home from work they just love eachother and he is old enough now he really knows who the people in his life are. In fact he gets nervous when strangers talk to him now which I think is kinda wussy, but it's good too. Well hope I didn't bore anyone I think this is the most I have written on a blog, wow...ENJOY!!

Kai wearing the helmet and he is not in love with it...yet

Kai loving the camera after the casting session for his new helmet

The real story behind the camera is that is auntie Erin whom he adore's was talking to him and telling him how cute he was the whole time. Love ya Auntie Erin you saved the day by coming to help out.

During the casting we only had to put his binky in once he was so good the whole time.

Just being casted still what a sweetie! Again lets not forget that Erin was just a playin' with him the whole time it was great.
Right before casting my helmet..

Kai was supposed to be napping..this was so funny I went check on Kai and he was peeking out from under his crib bumper he figured out how to move it up and thought that was the coolest trick.

Kai has the funniest new cheeser smile he lifts his head up and does a straight face smile so funny...

A little water to wash it down...

Oh yeah my tummy is full!!

Give me some more squash please

Friday, March 7, 2008

"He's ThE mAn!"

Ok so before I get into anymore trouble with my husband I better clear the air about the "pants wearing" thing. So I just like to think I wear the pants cause it makes me feel like I am in control :) I know I am pathetic but anyone that knows JR knows he is really easy going....and at the same time can softly put me in my place when I need it so we both wear the pants (I can't totally give up control) :) I dedicate this song to you babe...Love Ya J!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Husband Trivia!!

Thanks for the tag Tiffini and Jorg....
1. What is his name? JR short for Jonathon Robert
2. How long have you been married? 1 year and 10 months
3. How long did you date? Almost two years this February was our 4 year anniversary of knowing eachother.
4. How old is he? 25 and counting
5. Who eats more sweets? I do
6. Who said I love you first? I did and he looked at me like what did you just say it was totally the wrong timing so I played it off and said oh I say that to all my friends I tell everyone I love them hahaha
7. Who is taller? JR by 7 inches
8. Who can sing better? Hahaha this question is awesome we both rock at singing hahah anyone that knows me knows I can't sing I think even Ashley has video of me singing when we were in like third grade I tried really hard but man I cannot sing!!! And JR sorry babe but you can't either love ya!
9. Who is smarter? OK so it depends we are both smart just in different ways.
10. Who does the laundry? I do all the laundry except for JR's work clothes he does that and nobody seems to like to fold around here lately!!
11. Who pays the bills? I pay the bills, JR works its been lovely
12. Who sleeps on the right side? JR does but he wished he had the left side
13. Who mows the lawn? We don't have a yard but JR mowed my moms lawn in the summer when Erin didn't get to it before him
14. Who cooks dinner? I do (he would help if I asked him though)
15. Who drives? It's about fiftey fiftey
16. Who kissed who first? He kissed me
17. Who asked who out first? He asked me to be his girlfriend before we went on a "real date"
18. Who proposed? JR did he was really nervous
19. Who has more siblings? JR does he has 4 half brothers and 5 half sisters
20. Who wears the pants? ME I guess I could work on that I just like things my way
I tag Linley, Merm, and Kara this time have fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lovin' LIFE!!

So auntie Chick came to visit the other day... we just love her she has always been so full of life and so fun to be around look at those glasses!! Kai loved her he just laughed at her and played with her glasses it was so cute. We love you aunt Chick.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

AvA and kAi

Ava (Ashley's little girl) wanted to play with Kai and he just sat there like what's going on. Funny cause you can really see who "wear's the pants" in this relationship. They are so cute can you believe Ava is 3 months older than Kai!!