Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Weekend

Happy Valentines Day to all hope that everyone had a fun and got lots of love this last weekend. JR and I celebrated on Friday since we did not want to fight the dinner crowds on Saturday. It was very nice we went to Ruby River while auntie Erin and Mamaa (grandma dot) babysat. It was fun to just sit and talk we don't do that enough. I think it is so easy for us to just get involved in the everyday grind and we forget how important it is to have one another there. Then on Saturday I made bbq chicken pizza it was soo good. Erin came over again since her Valentine had to work that evening. I love my family, and to JR I feel so lucky to be your wife for anyone who does not know JR or hasn't had the opportunity to get to know him (since he is shy) you should know he is seriously one of the kindest most patient people I have ever known I am so serious I love him so much and am glad to have him so close. He is a great dad too and has all kinds of plans for Kai's future, hopefully the NBA lets boys go on missions lol. Love you all...oh and since I am bad and didn't take any pictures on Valentines Day I just found some I already had of JR and I they are pretty rockin huh!?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My sweet son!

Ok I know it has been awhile I have a hard time keeping up lately I just get busy but here is a quick update...JR and I are offically Valiant 11 teachers together, I have been teaching the class since last Feb and this week they called JR to team teach with me so now I don't have to always plan the lesson we can do it together. JR started playing basketball in a league in salt lake and they had their first game last night. He loves to play so I am glad he does even if we miss him when he is gone. We sarted planning our vacations for the year this week because UPS makes them have the weeks they want off already picked so now I am just excited for April when we go on our first vacation the plan at the moment is to go to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and Philipsburg Montanta to visit my Uncle and ride horses. I am excited to see Kai's reaction to the horses and cows. So that is about it in a nut shell I am still training away for the marathon and ran six miles last saturday in just under an hour I thought that was pretty good. Now to explain the pictures Ashley has been nice enough to watch Kai for me a few times when I was training in the office and the other day Kai and Ava were playing and Ashley told Ava to kiss him and well the pictures tell it all. Not the proudest moment for me as a parent do any of you have any advice for a "hitting child" cause it is getting out of control!?