Friday, August 17, 2012

Holy I suck at this

I feel like every summer I get the urge to blog how pathetic am I?!  I am posting because its the thing to do.  Since last post my 'Aisea has turned 1, Kainoa will be 5 on Tuesday.  JR has torn his ACL recovered and gone back to work already!  I recently have quit my job at the pool my last official day is Septemeber 1st.  I will be happy to be at home with my kids it has become too much of a juggling act and I am wearing out my welcome with my family and friends who have helped me with my kids when needed. 
I also am opening a new chapter in my book and getting a website where I will post tutorials on refinish and reburbish work I do and have done.  I will also post on things I have designed or built or helped build, and home makeover projects.  I may never make money doing it but I would be mad at myself if I didn't pursue this at this time in my life.  I have a big passion for it and I am very excited.
Kainoa is doing everything it feels like.  He is in Judo, Soccer, just finished t-ball, and starts hip hop back up again in September.  Not to mention swimming all summer, learning to ride a bike with no training wheels, running the Bob Phelps 5k and taking 3rd place in his age group.  He is active and constantly surprises me.  I love being his mom but he is so strong willed heaven help us all.  He is such a good brother he plays with 'Aisea so well and 'Aisea adores him.  I am not sending him to kindergarten this year I feel one more year at home will be good.  I am currently deciding if I should send him to preschool or just work at home on a few things a day.  Kainoa's favorite thing right now is that his cousin Eli lives close again they are such good friends and it is so nice that they are back!
'Aisea is jabbering and crawling and standing against things right now.  He is such a demanding baby, he won't even let me go to the bathroom without crying.  But even with that of course I love the little stink and he is sweet he is just a mommy and daddys boy!  His laugh is awesome and I try all the time to get him laugh just so I can hear it.
JR is working.  Go UPS! He is also into fitness a little and health which has been good because slowly it has helped me want to be better.  He has lost 40lbs and still losing.  I have lost 4 :) we have been in our home 2 years now and JR and my brother in law Tom are in progress making Kainoa built in bunk beds, yes I said beds his room will sleep 4 when complete.  These beds will be the first big tutorial I will post on my blog when it is running.  I came up with the concept and Tom and JR ran with it.  I am very excited for them. 
I have no pictures to load at the moment but feels good to update maybe wont again until next year because like I said its the thing to do!  I hope I still have some readers but if not at least I am keeping some record of life with the Norman's ;)

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Katie Jo said...

KALLI! I am so glad you updated because I'm so lame and NEVER call you. Instagram doesn't tell me all this stuff about you!!!! That is so cool about your projects! I can't WAIT to see what you're doing and what you've done! Maybe you can help me when I actually get into a house!!! That's awesome about JR being healthy and your kids are so cute!!! Sad about you leaving the pool... but it will be a good thing for you!!!